11 Sep 2014
September 11, 2014

After the first rainy day

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On the 10th of September started  the 4th edition of the Finn Masters European Cup. Unfortunately this time the sun wasn’t welcoming the 45 strong fleet, but a lot of rain!

The schedule was to have a long distance race around the Tihany Peninsula at noon, but it got cancelled because the lack of wind. However, at 15.00 the practice race could start in 6 knots of northerly wind and a little less rain. The wind dropped a little, but the first could finish within 1 hour and had a good feeling about lake Balaton.

Thursday was the first official racing day of the regatta, which began with the opening ceremony and the skippers meeting at 9 and the first start was scheduled to 11 o’clock.

The wind was blowing from the Northeast with 13-16 knots, but was a little oscillating, which made the PRO postpone a little to set the course properly.

After a few minutes everybody was ready at the course and the first race could start easily.

István Ruják HUN 72 was the first at the top mark due to a small shift to the left and could keep his lead until the middle of the second upwind where RUS 41 took it and won the race later on, with his teammate RUS161 just behind him.

The second race started with a black flag and had a few sailors out on the course side. At the start Oscar was still up, but the wind decreased in the first upwind so it was cancelled later on. At the first mark HUN 28 Zsolt Nagy was the leader, but he was black flagged. The wind was dying in the downwind so the PRO decided to shorten the course at the second upwind. In a very close battle, RUS 111 Dimitriy Petrov won with Antal Székely HUN 7 second and Jiri Outrata CZE 8 third.

No more race was held that day since the wind totally disappeared. First start will be at 10.00.

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